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My encounter with a cop in Barichara

I arrived in Barichara after a 45-minute bus trip from San Gil, where nothing hinted at this colonial masterpiece.  The village lies on the...
Villa de Leyva

Colombia’s Past in Villa de Leyva

My bus descended into a valley, with fields full of vegetables.  We stop at an army check point.  The local males, especially, the young...

Why you must hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Live volcanoes surround you.  Signs warn of potential eruptions.  Turquoise coloured Alpine lakes, surrounded by lava lie near blackened volcanoes.  Steam rises from holes on...
El Nido

What They Don’t Tell You in El Nido

Steep Limestone cliffs rising from the sea.  White clouds lie behind them, floating in the deep blue tropical sky.  Welcome to El Nido, north Palawan's...
Shophouse high-rise

Just What did the little Shophouse Scream to Skyscraper?

Imagine, you're surrounded by buildings many times taller and newer than yourself. They get all the attention, but you’re the past, the traditional and...

Just Who Robbed and Assaulted Me at Iguazu Falls?

No one warned me of the dangers lurking within the jungle around Iguazu Falls.  I was hungry and thirsty, desiring a much-needed break. We stopped to...
Zapatista Girl

Chiapas’s Rebellious Secrets

At first glance, the city of San Cristobal del las Cases is a peaceful colonial town in the Southern Mexican Mountains. The drug wars...

Chamula’s Mysterious church

Smoke, inside a Catholic church?  I’d never seen this before.  It rose from the hundreds of candles burning on tables or the floor, covered...

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