"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." - Anonymous

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Colombia’s Past in Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva
My bus descended into a valley, with fields full of vegetables.  We stop at an army check point.  The local males, especially, the young ones are searched.  Foreigners are left alone.  Arriving at the small bus station, I try to roll my bag down...

Why you must hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Live volcanoes surround you.  Signs warn of potential eruptions.  Turquoise coloured Alpine lakes, surrounded by lava lie near blackened volcanoes.  Steam rises from holes on the side of a nearby mountain.  A subtropical forest lies beyond the volcanic scenery.  There is nowhere else like this. The...

What They Don’t Tell You in El Nido

El Nido
Steep Limestone cliffs rising from the sea.  White clouds lie behind them, floating in the deep blue tropical sky.  Welcome to El Nido, north Palawan's not so secret destination. To reach this Karst scenery up close, one must take a tour. There are four tours, labeled...

Just What did the little Shophouse Scream to Skyscraper?

Shophouse high-rise
Imagine, you're surrounded by buildings many times taller and newer than yourself. They get all the attention, but you’re the past, the traditional and the beautiful. So what, so you do, scream so someone notices you or just simply be you. It’s kind of...

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What if you can’t get any money?

What happens if you run out of money and can't get more, a traveller's nightmare. Further, forget credit cards. Yes, no cash, no food,...

Terrorists Seem to be Everywhere, but is it Really Dangerous?

Should terrorism threat prevent you from hitting many destinations? Recent attacks in Paris, Istanbul and Brussels may stop you. The media enhances this apprehension...

11 Benefits to Get Off the Beaten Track

Many travellers follow the same route, go to the same places and even eat in the same restaurants.  Think security in numbers.  The travel...

5 Reasons to Travel Independently When Your Over 60

Many remedies exist to slow aging.  Most fail, but not travel.   No medicine or magic can do this. Here are five reasons to travel over...

9 Advantages to do Adventurous Travel When You’re Young

galtaji temple, jaipur, monkey temple
You're young, you're tough, your adventurous and want to see the world. It's time to travel now. Age is never friendly to us.  ...