Are There Redeeming Qualities to Mykonos?

Church of Panagia Paraportiani

Overpriced, trendy, and full of superficial tourists who sunburn themselves by day and drink to obscurity at night populate the island.   Real Greek culture flees Mykonos, fearful of the fake atmospheres.  For travellers, it’s first on the avoid list.

Not all is lost.  Winding alleyways, old windmills, a great church and whitewashed buildings slammed by relentless waves at sunset enhance its atmosphere.  Historical Delos draws in history buffs.  To some, the tourists will provide great people watching.

These images illustrate Mykonos’s scenic side.

  1.  Windmills at sundown



2.  Little Venice

Little Venice

3.  Church of Panagia Paraportiani


Should you go?   It depends on budget, tolerance of superficiality and lack of an authentic Greek culture.  Better destinations, better beaches, better culture, and lower prices await elsewhere in Greece, but if your plane lands here, stay a day or two and gaze at Mykonos’s better side.

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