“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin
“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.” – Caskie Stinnett
“Travel is the enemy of routine, stagnation, conformity and ignorance.” – Me

Confessions of a Travel Addict and Wonderer

Travel hooked me even before I rode a bus by myself.  Those multicoloured, misshapen blocks on the map represented adventure.  What sights lay in the red block?   Did the people in the blue block look like the people in National Geographic?   At six, a wanted to become a professional wonder.

At 16, I got my wish.  My parents gave me $500 and sent me on a trip.  At that time, hotels cost $5-$10 per night.  A standby flight took only $12!  From this period on, exploring hooked me.

By 22 I’d been through Europe and around the world, giving me a very different perspective on the world and its people.   I’d perfected the art of travelling on little money.  I worked to travel later.  Education filled in the blanks to understanding the varying conditions throughout the globe.  Working as a teacher in Swaziland and two years for UNICEF as a socioeconomic researcher rounded off this experience.

I’ve started this blog to inspire others to travel as much as they can.

I like to thank my cousin Meredith for coming up with “jaywalkingtheglobe”.  Great name!

Here are some crazy, humorous and entertaining highlights from over 12 years of travel:

  • The “pleasure” of being woken up by over 1000 roosters on four continents

  • Watching lions, hyenas, and jackals compete for power over a kill – the hyenas and jackals knew who the King was

  • Staying in every conceivable hotel ranging from -5 stars to +5 stars

  • Sleeping almost everywhere from ship decks and under bridges to luxury rooms with every imaginable amenity a guest never touches.

  • Travelling on nearly every form of transport from smelly camels to first class on Cubana and Delta Airlines – Delta in Toronto forgot to load the meals

  • Eating almost everything, including fruit salad laced with ants – I didn’t see the ants to a bowl of ten cent lobster

  • Walking through Herat Afganistan – parts of the city looked like they hadn’t changed in 2000 years

  • Twenty-four hours on a Sumatra bus with seven people on a bench that hold four and a towel to cushion my knees – the jungle was great, the roads were awful, and the bus averaged 12 km/hr

  • Crazy bus rides, including an eighteen hour on a bus in Ontario, Canada, which didn’t stop for food – the hungry locals didn’t complain

  • Eighteen hours on a train in Java, where I couldn’t get out of my seat, or I’d lose it – the toilet was full of people

  • Hundreds of people stood and just stared at me near an Ethiopian highland market. The market must have been empty

  • Obtaining a near impossible visa for individual travel in China in 1981 – they treated  us like VIPs

  • Being charged an animal in Malawi – not by a hippo or buffalo, but a turkey near Thanksgiving- he missed me

  • Sleeping on the floor of a customs house on the Pakistani – India border, where  the Pakistanis told us the guards shoot anyone outside

  • Drinking Northern Thai moonshine, given to us by the police

  • Riding in a car almost charged by an elephant in Kruger National Park, scary

  • Being robbed and assaulted by coatis at Iguazu Falls National Park, Argentina

  • Having kids throw stones at us in Sada, Yemen, a town of multi-storey mud brick buildings lost in the 15th century

  • Getting frostbit in Northern Chile in the summer at 4300m surrounded by geysers and snow-capped mountains

  • Going into Singapore with long hair, when it was forbidden – I stuffed some it behind my ears

  • Touring Marrakech at 48 C (118F) – air-conditioning anyone?

  • Touring Madison at -15 C (5F), with a windchill of -30 (-22), I could not stay out for more than 5 minutes

  • Falling asleep to an exclusive concert of pigs, dogs, turkeys, roosters and donkeys in Puerto Angel Mexico – beats the symphony

  • Wondering through a protest in Bangkok – many great photos here

  • Going to a museum in Tokyo during a mild typhoon, the wind destroyed my umbrella, but nothing else

  • Meeting every kind of person, from spies to mercenaries to hillbillies to cabinet ministers

  • Buying a ticket on a flight that didn’t exist by a Colombia airline – someone lost money on this deal, but it wasn’t me

  • Visiting Tonga, the only country with no stress and chickens and goats surrounding the King’s palace, which was a modest house

  • Meeting a very amiable anaconda and an angry caiman in the Amazon jungle

Me relaxing in Villa de Leyva Colombia

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