5 Reasons to Travel Independently When Your Over 60

Many remedies exist to slow aging.  Most fail, but not travel.   No medicine or magic can do this.

Here are five reasons to travel over 60.

1Active Mind

“You mean two days can be different.”  Yes, get away.  It keeps your mind active.  Inactivity is the enemy of an active mind.  The saying, “use it or lose it” holds true.  Travel combines planning, observing, thinking, problem-solving and even dreaming, all perfect for a healthy brain.


Do you take the car to the corner store?  Not on an overseas trip.  Travellers get far more exercise and stay healthier longer.  Travel involves lots of walking.  Experts recommend doing at least 10,000 steps per day, four times a week.  This goal is easy and painless when you’re travelling.

3Stimulating Conversation

“Wow, you got a new coffee cup!  How exciting.”  Yes, you just want to escape, try a trip and stay interesting.  By travelling and seeing many new things, you stimulate your mind and collect all kinds of stories.  This lifestyle leads to great conversation.  Quite often staying at home, you see the same thing every day with little new or interesting conversation.  You’ll not only be a better conversationalist, but you’ll have many great memories.

4Beat Aging

“I’m too old to do that.”   It’s all in your head.  You can stay young.  Travelling keeps your mind and body healthy.  It keeps you open-minded.   Your thoughts are on travel, not your health or the latest mind-numbing TV show.  Older travellers are often much younger in all ways than their sedentary peers.


Senior discounts.  Some countries offer discounts to people over 60.  At Bogota’s Gold Museum, they charge nothing.

All over 60’s should travel.  Being older does not mean staying home.  Many older people are out exploring and enjoying it.

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