11 Benefits to Get Off the Beaten Track

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Many travellers follow the same route, go to the same places and even eat in the same restaurants.  Think security in numbers.  The travel infrastructure is better.  But all this has a cost.  Here are 11 reasons to travel off the beaten track.

1Friendlier People

Doesn’t anyone here smile?  Get away from the tourists and the people are friendlier.  They see fewer travellers, so they’re more interested in meeting you.   Hospitality is better, as is trust.

2Less Hassles

Not another fool trying to sell me an ugly carpet!  In less travelled places, hassle vanishes.  There just aren’t the number of people around for the con artists, sleaze balls, and aggressive merchants to hound you.

3No lineups

What, a two-hour lineup in the rain!  Get away from the crowds.  Think, no crowds, no lineups.

4Forget the crowds

There’re 500 other people looking at this view.  Not here.  Imagine seeing towering mountains or crumbling forts and being the only ones there.  Places like this still exist.  Discovery prevails in less visited places.  Everywhere is unique and genuine.

5Real local markets

All these goods are for the tourists.  Fewer visitors and more locals lead to Markets that are real.  Goods are for everyday living, not for souvenirs.

6Save your money

What, $10 for a small beer.  Not in these places.  It’s cheaper.  No mass tourism means less demand, fewer tourist traps, thus lower prices.

7Authentic, good, cheaper food

Pizza, I can eat this at home.  Restaurants serve genuine local fare at local prices.

8Challenge yourself

It’s more challenging.  Guide books and the internet have far less on these places.  This leaves you to figure out your way around.  Yes, some will cite this as a problem, but it allows you to really get a sense of the place and its people.

9Great photos of local people

Not eight euros for a picture!  Locals are easier to photograph.  Some still consider sitting for a photo an honour.  They possibly will even ask you to take their photos.  No charging here.

10Meet great people

“I’m sure the food’s bad on your cruise boat.”  Travellers are more interesting.  Let’s face it, people who seek something different are unique and hence more interesting to meet.

11Find true adventure

Wow, ten million others visited this museum this year!  For a true adventure, your travel experience should be unique.  You want a different experience from the masses.  These places make the best memories.

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