You’re young, you’re tough, your adventurous and want to see the world. It’s time to travel now. Age is never friendly to us, but for travel, it gets harder as you get older than when you’re young. Ageing doesn’t mean you can’t go, but even very a healthy sixty years old just can’t do what a 21-year-old does.

Here are nine reasons to go when you’re young:


A young body can take the crammed buses, hard or lumpy beds, and sleepless nights. As it ages, taking crappy conditions becomes more difficult.

2You’re free

Young travellers often have no family, few responsibilities and may not have started a career. In the future, travel may be financially impossible. Time may just not be there. Personal responsibilities preclude leaving for extended periods. Travel now.

3Who cares if the hostel is crappy

It’s much easier to stay in cheap, somewhat dirty places when you’re young. Adventure attracts the young. A crappy hotel or hostel is simply part of it. Who needs personal comforts when your 21?

4No bed, no problem

You can sleep anywhere. You’re tough. Sleeping under a bridge, ok. So you’re snoozing on the deck with people stepping over you, ok. No sleep for two days, who cares.

5Tired – I’ll be okay tomorrow

Young travellers recover quickly. A rough 24 hour ride on a cramped, springless bus over roads that specialize in pot holes, no problem. Just one night’s sleep and your fine. Steep hills are simple. Busy walking for days, a breeze. Carrying a heavy load, no problem. All this becomes harder as you age, even for people in shape.

6Know more about the world than your parents or your friends

Travel affords the best education. Doing results learning.  It’s enjoyable, stimulating and educational. Travellers see few things others see and hence, learn things others don’t know.  Forget the media; they can distort and misinform.  You’ll see the truth.   Lots of travel will propel you above most of your peers and even people much older than yourself.

7Solve anything, well, most things

It develops your problem-solving skills. This development would take years if you just stayed at home. In fact, the kind of expertise you develop aren’t unique to travel problem-solving and very transferable to any career. Problems must be solved and often. You can’t speak the language or read the signs. The problem must be solved, and only you can solve it. And you will! This kind of problem -solving is a powerful skill to develop and part of the challenge.

8See the world differently

Learning about the world will develop a kind of perspective few have. Returning to school will give a new perspective to learning.

9Your body can take anything

Adventure sports are accessible. Bungee Jumping, your body’s flexible. Swimming in rough ocean waves, no worries. Climbing a steep mountain for three hours, easy, well easier than when you’re older!

10Potholes, no worries

If you want to go way off the beaten track, where a beat up, crowded and springless chicken bus gets you there. Aa whisky bottle full of dirty water for 24 hours at your mud brick hotel cleans you. Do it when you’re young. It’s worth it.

11It will Change your life forever

By seeing new things, meeting different people and experience a variety of cultures, no one remains the same.  You’ll grow more in a few months than in a year or even years.  This growth will propel you into a new and much better-rounded individual with a solid foundation to build for the future.



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